Local YouTube series goes art walking

Jack Tracey hosts the monthly show



Charleston’s monthly art walks pair two of our town’s favorite things: drinking and art.

For those of us who can’t attend the first Friday of every month, Jack Tracey has devised a clever solution. The local sculptor and media consultant is the mastermind behind the short video series, Charleston Art Walking. With his well-versed host Mariah Sweezey, Tracey films the monthly walk from gallery to gallery, attempting to capture the art displayed, the atmosphere, and the gallery spaces.

So far, three episodes are posted on YouTube channel, and the series will be aired on HSTV Channel 2, ME TV, Live Five Plus, and Comcast C2 during Spoleto.

Tracey doesn’t see the buzz for his show stopping anytime soon. “This area is just stuffed with talented artists and venues and galleries,” he says. “It is one of our greatest treasures, and I’ll be able to showcase these types of things for decades.”

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