T. Rav Will Do a Second Season of Southern Charm?

He said, she said


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Well, well, well, it looks like T. Rav may have tweeted too soon about his lack of involvement in the second season of Southern Charm. Kelly Bazzle from 105.5 The Bridge posted on Facebook that “Thomas Ravenel will be on a second season of Southern Charm, if it happens, the cast says they’re optimistic and have a reason to be! TRav was just butthurt that the rest of the cast hadn’t RSVP’ed to the baby baptism in time. Soooooo he drunkenly tweeted that he was not gonna do a second season... but, he will def be on it if it happens.”

Hmm, we’re not sure how true this is and are awaiting confirmation or denial from Ravenel. Maybe money talks louder than a baby cries? 


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