Seventy years after enlisting in Hitler's army, a German soldier revisits his experience in this documentary

'The Color of Fire'


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Dorian Warneck started making videos in his youth, filming skateboard scenes with friends. His talents have led him to tell a story of much greater import — that of his father's World War II service. But this isn't another American take a la Ken Burns' The War. 

Diether Warneck, present day. - DORIAN WARNECK
  • Dorian Warneck
  • Diether Warneck, present day.
The Color of Fire documents Diether Warneck's story, told in the present-day to his son. When his hometown of Dresden was destroyed, Diether enlisted in the German army. The documentary shows the struggles Diether has everyday, especially the pervading sense of guilt that hides beneath his normal and happy post-war life. 

The film was funded through Kickstarter, and as of April 21, the project has exceeded it's $10,000 goal by $483. 

"I personally was shocked by the support we received for the project," says Dorian. 

Dorian and his family moved to the U.S. when he was two, and he has spent most of his life in South Carolina. He currently lives in Charleston, working full time for Lunch + Recess, a production company.

Dorian says that the film's next steps are finishing touches on post-production, and then starting the process of entering film festivals this summer. He says that a release plan for next year will be determined based on the level of festival success.


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