Watch Bill Murray pop out of a cake to say goodbye to Letterman

Bill being Bill



You knew Bill Murray was going to pop up somewhere during David Letterman's final week as Late Show host, but you probably aren't too surprised to learn he popped, er, fell out of a 4-foot tall birthday cake last night, a day before Dave's last show.

Murray's history with the Late Show goes all the way back to Dave's first late-night TV show on NBC. And just like he did in 1982, Murray's appearance last night stole the show.

After being introduced by Letterman, a cake reading "Goodbye Dave" is revealed behind the velvet curtain, flanked by two applauding models. After a little rustling around, Murray tumbles out, clad in goggles and a jumpsuit. A frosting-covered embrace and a few high-fives later, Murray plops down in the guests chair as if it's just a normal night on Dave's show.

Of course, with Bill Murray, that's what we've grown to expect.

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