Get your tickets for the 18th Annual Manhattan Short Film Fest screening at the Terrace next week

(And it has nothing to do with NYC)


The 18th Annual Manhattan Short Film Festival, which calls itself the only "global" film fest in the world, will show at the Terrace Theatre on Sun. Sept. 27 and Sun. Oct. 4 at 4 p.m. The festival, which does not have a physical event a la traditional film fests, screens in 250 cities around the world and allows audiences to vote on their favorite short. With the longest film, Shok, coming in at 21 minutes, this screening of 10 films promises to be as short and sweet as the name suggests.

Patch clocks in at three minutes. - DIRECTOR, GERD GOCKELL
  • Director, Gerd Gockell
  • Patch clocks in at three minutes.

As guests enter the screening at the Terrace they'll be handed ballots where they can choose their favorite short. The films range from a three-minute film, Patch; a fast-paced animation that addresses "the elephant in the room" through perspective and abstraction; to a 15-minute film, Bis Gleich (roughly translated to "see you later"), that stars two senior citizens as they take on Berlin from their respective windows across the street from one another.

Paul Brown, owner of Terrace Theatre, says that he gets the opportunity to screen a lot of traveling film festivals but that he chose this particular one because it's a really "cool concept." He's looking forward to seeing which short wins, since people from all over the world will be voting.

Head to Manhattan Short's website for the full list of films and for interviews with the directors. Tickets go on sale today. Check the Terrace's website for updated ticket information. 

Bis Gleich was directed by Benjamin Wolff. - MANUEL MACK
  • Manuel Mack
  • Bis Gleich was directed by Benjamin Wolff.

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