Theatre 99's hidden camera morning show debuts on CBS on Sunday

Not all heroes wear capes


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While we were bikini bashing and session beer sippin' all summer long, the fine folks over at Theatre 99 were writing and acting in CBS' newest Saturday morning show, Chicken Soup for the Soul's Hidden Heroes. The comedy club's owners Brandy Sullivan and Greg Tavares were approached by Mt. Pleasant's production company Litton Entertainment earlier this year to see if the duo could help conceptualize a feel-good show for CBS' Saturday morning programming. Tavares describes these shows as what "used to be Sesame Street when kids watched TV. Kids don't watch TV anymore."

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So Sullivan and Tavares pitched 150 (yes, that many) ideas and ended up with 56 segments of the hidden camera TV show, Hidden Heroes. Of those segments, 44 were filmed in Charleston and 22 were filmed in New York. But Tavares says that this show is very different from traditional hidden camera shows. "A lot are very pranky. We catch people in helpful moments," he explains. 

Tavares says that the show doesn't capture good Samaritans during life or death situations but rather during everyday events. He gives an example of a segment that features him trying to put up a banner in a mall — the idea is to capture helpful strangers. Tavares and Sullivan each appear in about five episodes with over 70 other local actors appearing in the rest of the Charleston-shot scenes. (To clear up any confusion, the actors create faux scenarios. The helpful strangers are real people).

There are no prizes for being a good person, unless you've been dreaming of 15 minutes of fame. "You have to be a real nice person to step out of your routine," says Tavares of the show's everyday heroes. "That's what's awesome about it."

Check out the show on CBS on Sunday morning at 8:30 a.m. (the regular time was moved due to football coverage).


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