New Vice Principals trailer previews khaki-clad HBO mischief filmed in Charleston area

A New Principal in Town


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For months last year, Danny McBride and crew scattered their production of Vice Principals all over the Charleston area. Today, we're getting a first look at what the new HBO show filmed in several local schools will look like.

McBride stars in Vice Principals alongside consummate loose-cannon antagonist Walton Goggins (Justified, The Shield). The two are locked in a sweater-vested, lunchbox-toting, safety-monitored fight for the top position at North Jackson High. Vice Principals was co-written by McBride and his Eastbound and Down partner Jody Hill.

Last fall, the VP crew was spotted filming at Stall High School, Porter-Gaud, Edmund's Oast, and Taco Boy downtown just to name a few locations.

VP will premiere on HBO in July 2016.


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