Check out the documentary 'I Voted?' at the Simons Center tonight

Maybe you did


Jason Grant Smith’s directorial debut I Voted?, which looks at American elections and their voting system, could not have found a better year to be released. The film sees its South Carolina debut tonight at the Simons Center for the Arts at 6:30 p.m. Reserve your ticket here.

The film begins with a pretty familiar story — a massive political upset. Senatorial candidate Alvin Greene defeated Charleston County Council member Vic Rawl in the 2010 Democratic senate primary, despite little to no campaigning and even less political experience. It left so many people scratching their heads and opened up so many debates about the final tally that the CCP’s former editor Chris Haire claimed aircraft sabotaging imps had to be the true culprit.

And, while Smith’s film does not try to expose the very real terror of gremlins, it does bring to light important issues in the American elector process. Members of Congress, election integrity professionals, and computer science experts all put their two cents into I Voted? and many show concern that the process of casting a ballot is marred by enough technical difficulties to warrant action. A Q&A with Smith, members of the cast, and local election integrity advocates will follow the screening of the film.

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