Mr. Mercedes spotted shooting at Little Jack's Wednesday

Filming on Upper King Street today


Crews spotted set up at Little Jack's Tavern on Wednesday - SAM SPENCE
  • Sam Spence
  • Crews spotted set up at Little Jack's Tavern on Wednesday
Film crews took over Upper King Street restaurant Little Jack's Tavern today to film the TV adaptation of Stephen King's crime series 'Mr Mercedes.'

The cozy throwback-themed restaurant had a new sign up reading "Demasio's Lunch + Dinner," which evokes images of family-owned Italian joint. (This is a hard boiled detective story, after all.)

The crews chose a good rainy day to shoot, since the set included spouts for staged rain. Props and lighting was also set up alongside the forthcoming Pancito and Lefty building.

Police directing traffic said that shooting was set to continue into late afternoon. Little Jack's Tavern said they were closed for today only for filming.

Mr. Mercedes, a 10-episode series based on the King trilogy, stars Brendan Gleeson and Harry Treadaway. It's been filming around Charleston for a few months now and is set to debut first on AT&T Uverse and DirecTV in 2018.

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