The ACLU of South Carolina and Democracy Moves screen 'Tickling Giants' at CofC next week

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Often described as the Jon Stewart of Egypt, political satirist Bassem Youssef possesses the wit and acumen of Stewart, but his now cancelled show Al Bernameg was aired in a much higher stakes environment. So high stakes that Youssef had to flee the country after receiving numerous death threats and a court case against him.

Al Bernameg reeled in a whopping 30 million viewers per episode. Compare that to the numbers for Jon Stewart's Daily Show finale: 5.1 million. The surgeon-turned-comedian's controversial show challenged Islamists and the military regime that took over the country, curating an immense fan base and equally immense base of opposition. Tickling Giants is a documentary following Youssef and his team as they attempt to keep their show on the air.

The ACLU of South Carolina and Democracy Moves host a free screening of the documentary Wed. April 19, 7-10 p.m. at the College of Charleston Stern Student Ballroom. A panelist discussion follows the screening with panelists Susan Dunn, director of the SC ACLU; May Hamdy Barr, board member of Grand Strand Action Together; John Creed, associate professor of political science at CofC.

Location Details Stern Center
71 George St.
Charleston, South Carolina
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