Charleston Music Hall screens The Exorcist with a live score from White/Bogan Duo

May the power of film compel you


How could you not scream when you first saw this? - SCREENSHOT
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  • How could you not scream when you first saw this?
Was anyone else tricked into watching The Exorcist in the rec room of your best friend Erica's house as a pre-teen? Anyone still have nightmares in yoga when you get into a backbend and can only picture a little girl in a pink nightgown crawling down steps upside down with her tongue flitting in and out?

Ok, so maybe the 1973 horror movie is kind of hilariously ridiculous in 2017, but at one time it made all of us shriek in terror. And, thanks to the Music Hall, we can all shriek (or laugh hysterically) in unison at a perfectly timed pre-Halloween screening of The Exorcist on Sun. Oct. 29.

This isn't any ol' screening, though. The White/Bogan Duo will be performing an original score they composed, utilizing everything from a piano to children's toys as instruments. Eerily on the nose, no? Take in the experimental score as you watch The Exorcist attempt to rid young Regan of the demon inside her. Tickets are $12, and a cool $6.66 for students (freshmen, beware).

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