The Terrace screens 'The Room' on 4/20 with $4.20 tickets

The one time you may want to see "the worst movie ever made"



No matter how you choose to celebrate 4/20 — hint, hint, wink, wink — you're gonna want to swing by the Terrace for a screening of the "worst movie ever made." That's right, Tommy Wiseau's 2003 unlikely cult classic, The Room is playing at the Terrace this Fri. April 20 at 9:49 p.m. and tickets appropriately cost only $4.20.

In case you're new to the phenomenon of The Room, it's a terrible, horrible, hilariously bad film, and the inspiration for The Disaster Artist, last year's James Franco flick that earned him a Golden Globe for best actor. The Music Hall screened the film earlier this year, and now the Terrace is getting in on the beautifully bad action.

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