Comedian Brian Shirley debuts bonkers new comedic short, "A Socumentary"

Who's taking the socks?


  • 'A Socumentary' / e360tv screenshot
The tragedy of losing a sock is something everyone goes through at some point, sometimes quite often. The mystery of the missing sock is one that Brian Shirley wanted to explore in the short film Two go in ... one comes out: A Socumentary. Shirley, a local comedian, branched out into filmmaking with this zany comedy/noir/drama about a detective discovering the horrifying conspiracy behind where the socks go. Spoiler alert folks: they’re not behind the dryer.

A Socumentary was shot on location in Charleston, and it features some locations you might recognize. (The City Paper offices even make a cameo.) Shirley teamed up with Lance Morrison, another local comic, on the writing, and split director roles with Drew Howard. The short film sprung out of an episode of Lance’s Bengleton Socks web series.

For those who missed the film's live screenings in West Ashley, don’t worry — A Socumentary is now available online on e360tv, which also has standalone apps for ROKU, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire devices.

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