Pete Davidson plays Clemson fan during Saturday Night Live opening sketch

Hamberder deal


  • Saturday Night Live
Clemson got a shout out toward the tail end of this weekend's Saturday Night Live cold open sketch, when cast member Pete Davidson appeared decked out in Tiger orange.

During a Deal or No Deal-government shutdown themed sketch, Alec Baldwin, playing Donald Trump, appears to help negotiate an end to the monthlong budget stalemate with what may be the most effective method floated so far, a game show. The skit continues with appearances by Kate McKinnon playing Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Leslie Jones playing Rep. Maxine Waters, Melissa Villasenor playing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Alex Moffatt playing Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, and since it's an SNL game show, Kenan Thompson hosts as Steve Harvey.

Just before Thompson attempts to send the show to a break, Baldwin insists on seeing what's inside Pete Davidson's case. But instead of the cryptic silver briefcase, it's a White Castle "Crave Case," with "Hamberders" as the offer, of course a reference to Clemson's appearance at the White House this week where the president served the team fast food to celebrate their national championship.

Baldwin/Trump takes the hamberder deal and the government is reopened. "I guess that makes as much sense as anything else that's going on these days," Thompson says, before the three men lean in for the requisite "Live from New York, it's Saturday night."

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