'The River and the Wall' screens at Charleston Music Hall Wed. May 15



We've all heard it espoused — and not just by Trump. Leaders from Bush to Clinton to Obama have all discussed the possibility of building a wall between America and Mexico. Perhaps not everyone envisioned said wall as something as big and "beautiful" as Trump does, but the conversation is not a new one.

On Wed. May 15 at 7 p.m. the Charleston Music Hall screens a documentary, The River and the Wall, that follows five friends as they travel along the Mexico border, detailing the lay of the land before any wall is built. (And according to Politico, that's happening sooner rather than later).

The five explorers start in El Paso and travel 1,200 miles to the Gulf of Mexico on horses, mountain bikes, and canoes. Along the way they see a lot of beautiful landscapes, but they also encounter some harrowing forces of nature too, from wild wilderness to the heavily trafficked Lower Rio Grande Valley, which has its own human problems.

Conservation filmmaker Ben Master created this documentary, a SXSW 2019 Film Festival official selection, because he "realizes the urgency of documenting the last remaining wilderness in Texas as the threat of new border wall construction looms ahead."

Learn more about the film online at theriverandthewall.com.

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