Terrace Theater hosts another dog day afternoon this Sat. May 18

Woof, there it is


This looks fun doesn't it? Doesn't it? - PROVIDED
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  • This looks fun doesn't it? Doesn't it?
The Terrace Theater has gone to the dogs this weekend, and we're totally cool with that. On Sat. May 18 at 2:30 p.m. bring your four-legged pals to a screening of A Dog's Journey. All tickets (for humans, that is) are $11.

Sponsored by Doodycalls of Charleston and Pet Helpers, this special event is a chance for your dogs to finally see themselves on the big screen. So rarely do our pets get to watch movies exclusively about them, and in a real movie theater to boot.

As you would expect, this event is for friendly dogs only.

Pet Helpers will have even more friendly dogs available for adoption at this event. And the first 25 people in the theater will get free treats for their best pals.

If you're more in it for the heartfelt film, A Dog's Journey is the sequel to A Dog's Purpose. In this flick beloved dog Bailey is reincarnated. Or something. It's a movie full of dogs, so it's gotta be good, right?

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