Dusty Slay talks drunk texts, designated drivers, and working at Hyman's Seafood during Comedy Central set

"It's on the same block as a restaurant called Sticky Fingers..."



He may live in Nashville now, but that hasn't stopped Dusty Slay from reminiscing about his wild times in the Holy City.

Last week, Slay was featured on "Comedy Central Stand-Up Featuring" (season three, episode two). In his 7 minute, 30 second set, Slay touches on the beauty of putting in your two weeks — "it's like a little vacation right there at the end" — his days of blacking out (he's sober now), and he even gives a shoutout to his former employer, Hyman's Seafood.

The Meeting Street spot attracts tourists like moths to light, and it often gets a bad rap. "It's located on the same block as a restaurant called Sticky Fingers," says Slay. "Not everyone knows what a hymen is, and that's OK ... it’s a tight joke — that was too far and I am sorry about that." He notes that one time a customer asked him if he was part of the Hyman family; "I said yeah, cause they named me Dusty Hyman. I’m the oldest one."
While genitalia jokes may not be everyone's cup of tea, the assembled crowd seemed to get a kick out of it. Maybe they'll even venture to the fine seafood establishment next time they're in town, based on Slay's glowing recommendation.

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