Two surprise "Halloween" sequels announced. McBride is involved, but no word on whether filming will take place in Charleston

"Halloween Kills" and "Halloween Ends" due out in 2020 and 2021



Today Universal Pictures announced that not one but two Halloween movies are on the horizon: Halloween Kills, out in Oct. 2020 and Halloween Ends, to be released in Oct. 2021.

The 24-second trailer tells us that "the saga of Michael Myers and Laurie Strode isn't over." It also shows a burning building, a shotgun, and a spooky closeup of Michael's masked face. You know, the usual.

And according to Jason Blum, founder of Blumhouse Productions, "the gang is ALL back," including Jamie Lee Curtis, Danny McBride, David Gordon Green, and John Carpenter.

The first Halloween remake, filmed in Charleston, came out last year, almost slash(er)ing box office records.
We covered the film extensively leading up to its opening, with film critic Kevin Young diving deep with director David Gordon Green. In an interview with City Paper, Green talked about the simple reason he chose to film Halloween in Charleston (he moved here two years ago): "I like knowing my neighbors and I like being able to get around quickly and efficiently to the places I like and the accessibility of a midsize city. I was just drawn to it."

No official word on whether the flick(s) will be filmed in Charleston, but we're asking around to see if anyone's seen Michael recently. Horror film blog Bloody Disgusting said earlier this month that there were initial talks to film all three movies back-to-back-to-back (presumably in Charleston), but those plans were scratched.

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