Catch Alien at Charleston movie theaters Oct. 13-16

Celebrating 40 years


If you're not down with the new Joker and you think It Chapter Two looks too damn scary, then fall back on the 40th anni of this classic (Alien).

Forty years ago, Ridley Scott released this film to unsuspecting audiences and, with a little help from H.R. Giger’s chest-bursting creature design, scared the collective crap out of people.

It made Sigourney Weaver a star and proved that orange tabbies are infinitely smarter and better at evading aliens than most humans in space. There’s nothing else to say other than that this classic sci-fi horror film will be showing for three nights, Oct. 13, 15, and 16, at Regal Towne Square 18, Terrace Theater, and Regal Azalea Square 16 as Fathom Events celebrates its 40th anniversary. For more info visit

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