Pro tip: Use your HBO free trial to binge on "Righteous Gemstones" before Sunday's hourlong finale

We stan free trials


Thank heavens you can still catch up on "Gemstones" - RYAN GREEN/HBO
  • Ryan Green/HBO
  • Thank heavens you can still catch up on "Gemstones"
Tired of seeing all your friends enjoying Charleston-filmed HBO comedy Righteous Gemstones while you sit at home, HBO-less? The Gemstones season finale airs this Sun. Oct. 13, which means that you can sign up for a free week trial of HBO now and binge the full season in time for Sunday's finale.

Gemstones stars Danny McBride, John Goodman, Edi Patterson, and Adam Devine as the Gemstone family, a wildly dysfunctional group that profits off of their megachurch — and runs into all the kinds of trouble you'd imagine a televangelist crowd would get into.

The show is great — fun and full of heart at the same time — and it's even more fun to watch scenes with familiar Charleston landmarks.

And HBO has renewed Gemstones for a second season, so you can pull this same trick next year (with a different email address, we imagine).

If you didn't already blow it on GoT or Big Little Lies, you can sign up for a free HBO trial online, and be sure to cancel before that $14.99/month kicks in. After all, they do have a few other popular shows.

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