Dems on the Roll Vol. 2 (Debate Wrap)




Barack gives a strong answer on abortion. He trusts women to make the decision with their physician and their clergy. And that we need to move forward with things we can agree on, like reducing teen pregnancy.

Model Supreme Court Justice

Ginsburg gets the nod from everybody. Well, I say everybody, but the question is scraped after three people.

Hillary gets a Virginia Tech question.

She goes back to her experience at Columbine.

Abortion. Virginia Tech, oh, this is the Happy Half-Hour.

She gives a generic answer.

Richardson gets the question and knocks it out of the park.

Hillary, Barack, and John Edwards say they have never had a gun in the house. They’re the only ones.

Weird answer from Biden.

How could the federal government prevent the massacre? “Shotgun, not a pistol.” Strange in how he delivered it, but true.

Edwards is asked about the fact that he wants to raise taxes.

Everyday man Edwards speaks out: “The rhetoric’s not enough. The highfalutin language is not enough.”


Hillary says that John and Barack stole from her ideas on healthcare …only she said it nicely.

Question about the NAACP ban on South Carolina and why the candidates have come to South Carolina.

Barack: “The Confederate flag should be put in a museum. That’s where it belongs.” So right.

They ask for a short answer about a political mistake.

Gravel: “I began to feel like a potted plant up here.” So right.

When Hillary, Barack, and John are asked about mistakes, they give honest answers. When Joe Biden is asked, he makes it a question about the failings of the Bush administration. Telling.

Immigration, gas prices, health insurance.

What do you want to acomplish on the first day.

Richardson: “Get us out of Iraq.”

Brian Williams calls time and nobody else gets to answer the qeustion. Bang up job here NBC.

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