Firework or Weapon


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Firework or Weapon

The two men arrested for having a incendiary device claimed they just had fireworks. It got us to wonder if someone could accidentally have an incendiary device and not know it. Here’s the state code:

(9) “Incendiary device” means a destructive device, however possessed or delivered, and by whatever name called, containing or holding a flammable liquid or compound, which is capable of being ignited by any means possible. Incendiary device includes, but is not limited to, any form of explosive, explosive bomb, grenade, missile, or similar device, whether capable of being carried or thrown by a person acting alone or with one or more persons, but does not include a device manufactured or produced for the primary purpose of illumination or for marking detours, obstructions, defective paving, or other hazards on streets, roads, highways, or bridges, when used in a lawful manner.

Doesn't really sound like a firecracker.

The state describes illegal fireworks as M-80s, m-100s, and blockbusters. “These items will not contain a manufacturer’s name and are usually unlabeled,” according the state’s Department of Labor. Any firecracker can only have up to two grains of pyrotechnic composition. “Anything over two grains makes it an illegal device and the manufacture, storage, or transport of such a device in South Carolina is illegal.”


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