Colbert '08: State Parties React


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The New York Times called to check in with S.C. Democratic Party Leader Joe Werner and GOP Chair Katon Dawson on the recently announced candidacy.

Werner was playing along:

“From what I understand, he does have credible people down here, working to have him placed on the ballot.’’

Dawson wasn't having quite as good of a time with it.

“My advice,’’ he said in a telephone interview, “is that he could probably have more fun buying a sports car and getting a girlfriend.’’

But what the Times piece shows clearly is how, at least in South Carolina, the GOP's iron fist is gold plated with diamonds.

But assuming he is serious, what would Mr. Colbert have to do to get on the Democratic ballot in the South Carolina primary, which is expected to be held on Jan. 26? “Well, there’s two ways,’’ Mr. Werner said. “The first is you pay a $2,500 filing fee. And if you can’t afford to do the $2,500, you can gather 3,000 signatures.’’

And what is that (GOP) fee? A steep $35,000, said Mr. Dawson. “The great thing about America,’’ Mr. Dawson said, “is if you can meet the constitutional requirements to run for president of the United States, you can do so. In Mr. Colbert’s case, we look forward to his paying the filing fee before Nov. 1.’’

I'm sure no one is shocked to find that not only do you have to put a second mortgage on your home to run for the GOP nomination, but they're so excited about taking the money of rich people … and truthy celebrities.


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