Henry Brown Asks What You Want And Wonders Whether He Should Care



Rep. Henry Brown sent out a survey to coastal voters last week asking questions about reforming Congress. It in no way surprises me that Republicans are looking to reform Congress now that they've been thrown from power (and there's little to suggest their plight won't worsen next year).

He asks about Congressional earmarks ("should I continue to fight to get our fair share of funding for needed projects"), lobbying ethics reforms, and committee appointments (should "partisan control of committees be abolished" for a merit or seniority system), along with open questions about Congressional reform and the biggest single problem facing our nation.

Of course, many of these questions (particularly about earmarks and committees) will be major campaign issues, since a Democratic opponent could suggest that they could bring more back to South Carolina in a Dem-controlled Congress.

While it's nice to be asked your opinion, Brown then asks whether it matters what voters think anyway.

Some feel that it is important for representatives to stand on their convictions and their own philosophy. Others argue that the role of a member of Congress should be to accurately represent the views of their constituents, whether or not they match his or her own views on that particular issue.

He then asks if you, the voter, agree with the former, the latter, or sort-of agree with second one except when Brown really, really wants to shoot from his gut.

His question is basically, did you elect Henry Brown to represent you or did you elect Henry Brown to represent Henry Brown? Gee, tough one.

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