Latest SC Poll Brings the Drama



With less than two months to the South Carolina primaries, Winthrop University's latest poll brings the drama.

With 17.9 percent, Fred Thompson is narrowly beating out Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney (at 16.5 percent). While the difference is not significant, it shows climbing support in the state for Romney.

In the Dem field, Hillary widened her lead with 33 percent, compared to Barack Obama's 22.7 percent. Edwards, now known as that other South Carolina native, was polling under 10 percent.

The drama is in the fact that nearly 30 percent of voters from both parties haven't decided who they're going to vote for yet. Considering South Carolina is the next big dance after Iowa and New Hampshire, look for candidates to try and juggle a little extra time in the Palmetto State in case the first two don't pan out.

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