Inez, Other Obama Supporters Not Colbert Fans



I don't think there is anyone — ANY. ONE. — who thought Stephen Colbert had the slightest chance of appearing on the ballot after looking at the state Democratic Party's requirements. He had to show he was actively campaigning in the state (and one weekend certainly doesn't count) and he had to prove he was viable nationwide (part of his pitch was that he was only campaigning in South Carolina).

Though these requirements were obviously (almost comically) unmet, CNN reports that former State Education Superintendent Inez Tenenbaum, a big Barack Obama supporter, was working hard to keep Colbert off the ballot.

"I called them to see what they were thinking and if they had made up their mind. I am a volunteer in that campaign, and so I am not a staffer. And I thought it could have taken votes away from a lot of people."

The real tragedy is that The Colbert Report is on hiatus until the writers strike is over. Oh, but to have him comment on this.

UPDATE: Just a quick note to make it clear that it was not the Obama campaign that complained about Colbert's attempt to be on the ticket. I've heard that some high-profile supporters actually campaigned for him to be included on the ballot to draw in young voters.

Personally, I think Colbert can still do that, even if he isn't on the ballot. Here's hoping.

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