Lawyers: Ravenel Too Pretty, Rich, Connected For Prison


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The P&C reports today that Thomas Ravenel's lawyers are asking for probation for the former state treasurer. Ravenel was busted for distributing cocaine to his friends back in June and has been assisting the state, presumably in tracking down bigger fish in the Charleston area.

The lawyers paint Ravenel as the modern day Robin Hood of illegal drug distribution.

"In addition, there is a wrinkle that places Ravenel's situation outside of the heartland of typical drug conspiracies. Ravenel was no drug profiteer. By contrast he was, at his own expense, sharing with a limited number of friends in various social settings."

And then, just in case the court lived in a cave, the lawyers argue the merits of Ravenel's breeding.

"Ravenel comes from a strong and distinguished family," the papers said.

The request goes on to say:

In arguing for probation — with appropriate conditions to cover his rehabilitation and other issues — the attorneys say jail time would undermine his progress and recovery, and potentially force him "to spend time around the very type of people with whom he has cut ties."

And then there is the last pitch for an episode of Extreme Home Makeover.

"Ravenel has shown remarkable mettle in the aftermath of this experience," the documents say, and "in short, this is the beginning of a new chapter in his life."



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