Has Obama Already Won South Carolina?



As I've posted earlier, the only question looming over Barack Obama's campaign was electability. Tons of Democrats had "hope" and were ready for "change," but they were concerned about whether the message would get through to their neighbor. After two elections where they thought their support was enough, it was time in 2008 to look to the candidate both you and your neighbor could support. Obama's Iowa win not only answered the electability question, but it suggested that he can bring voters to the polls that have never been engaged before.

The polling numbers are indicating a strong win for Obama in New Hampshire today, meaning that Clinton will have to either work hard to change the fortunes in South Carolina, or head on to the Feb. 5 and try to find some magic there.

Politico is reporting that an unnamed Clinton adviser is predicting the end in South Carolina. (Note the unnamed part and that the adviser could be anyone from Bill Clinton to the janitor at a local campaign HQ)

The adviser added that the campaign has come to accept another reality of the early process, which is that African-American voters are convinced that Obama is viable and shifting rapidly in his direction.

“We’re going to lose South Carolina,” he said.

Clinton officials have urged reporters to think ahead to Feb. 5, Super Tuesday, when she expects to do well in New York, California, New Jersey and Arkansas.

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