The Tale of RapunzEdwards


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The Tale of RupunzEdwards

It's a waiting game for the well-coiffed former senator of North Carolina, John Edwards. He has been here before. After waiting through the two high-priority races in 2004, Edwards took South Carolina and raised enough eyebrows to make him the last viable contender in Sen. John Kerry's way. There wasn't a lot of success to follow, but it was enough to all but force a Kerry-Edwards ticket.

The problem is that there's nothing new about it. In a debate last week in Nevada, moderator Tim Russert all but accused Edwards of standing in the way of the nation's first black or first woman president. Ouch.

Edwards has yet to appear diminutive or less presidential than his opponents, and he certainly hasn't been advocating for the same old same old from voters. "If you're going to vote for me because Barack is black or because Hillary is a woman," he famously told the crowd in Charleston during a July debate, "then I don't want your vote."

The problem is, when you're talking about three strikingly strong candidates, biography matters — and "the son of a mill worker" was sooo 2004. As is the rich vs. poor narrative that has been Edwards' sole argument to South Carolina voters. It's not that the problem has gone away, but class rarely gets noticed when race and sex are in play.

We're not ones to play poll prognosticators, but a win in South Carolina looks to be a challenge. Edwards' best hope is to play off of any other candidate's disappointments coming out of Nevada and continue to press his argument. For him to win, South Carolina voters will have to climb those luscious locks. Edwards has vowed the state isn't his last stand, but if we don't give it to him, what other southern state will?


Economy: Savings tax credit, expanded child care credit, triple earned income tax credit

Environment: Reduce carbon emissions, world climate treaty, a New Energy Economy Fund

Education: Universal 4-year-old PreK, raise teacher pay, improved tests, and evaluations for schools

Health Care: Universal health care (mandatory), expanded Medicaid and SCHIP, new nurses in critical fields


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