McCain V.P Sweeps: Enough Delusion to Go Around



Now that a candidate has been found, the only news left for the Republicans is who is going to be seated beside him on the ballot.

McCain seemed to tip his hand slightly way from picking Southern gentlemen today, telling reporters that Clinton-Gore proved a ticket doesn't have to be geographically neutral (but, then, they were both from the South).

That said, Mark Sanford's name continues to make the rounds, including a mention by Newt Gingrich this morning on ABC and leading off a list of contenders in the Wall Street Journal.

That said, the WSJ also put Jim DeMint's name on the list. Let me tell you, I don't know what McCain's feelings are about DeMint. But I can promise you that whoever put that name there has not spoken to Jim DeMint about his take on a John McCain administration. I certainly got the impression that they were not friends.

- South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford: If there is a governor anywhere in America who has demonstrated a commitment to economic conservatism, it is Mr. Sanford. The mild-mannered former congressman has been willing to wage spending fights even against members of his own party. Facing an inherited $155 million deficit, Mr. Sanford vetoed 106 spending items. When the Republican legislature over-rode all but one of his vetoes, he carried two pigs into the Capitol, one named Pork the other Barrel.

Mr. Sanford also pushed through property and small-business tax cuts. As a member of Congress, Mr. Sanford was a reliable opponent of legislation expanding the size of government, and a supporter of personal accounts for Social Security before it was politically acceptable. He was also a champion of school choice.

Funny that Lindsey Graham, McCain's closest buddy in the Palmetto State, didn't get the nudge. Let the speculation begin.

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