Obama's Speech: A few words on words


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Yesterday, I saw a post highlighting a powerful speech by Barack Obama. This morning, I get a little nugget in my box pointing to Obama's use of a few lines from Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick's 2004 speech.

Personally, I thought, "Well, that's uncomfortable." Then I moved on. Until I checked my reader to find that everybody is going crazy over this.I agree with Barack.

(Obama) added that he probably should have given him credit.

“I’m sure I should have,” Mr. Obama said, speaking at a news conference here today. “As I said before, I really don’t think this is too big of a deal.”

It isn't a big deal. The problem for Clinton's camp is that they're calling it what it isn't (fake) instead of calling it what it is (clumsy).

To be fair, Obama's campaign is also taking this a little too far with their bite back, including an argument that Barack apparently trademarked "Bring our country together" and "Turn the page."



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