Floodgates Start With Clyburn Endorsement



There could be more than two dozen superdelegate endorsements for Barack Obama by the end of the day. And they all started with Congressman Jim Clyburn this morning.

"Today the [primary] process ends," Clyburn said in the "Today" interview. "And I hope that enough of us will announce our intentions today so that this evening our candidate, our presumptive nominee, can get to 2,118."

And from Time:

If (Obama) wins only half of today’s two remaining contests in Montana and South Dakota that puts him 26 delegates away and, as Karen noted earlier today, there looks to be a rush of superdelegates who will endorse as soon as polls close. Clyburn alone could carry with him many of the as-of-yet undecided House members who’ve been waiting for the House leadership to make a move.

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