Ketner and Brown Do The Radio Thing



Saw Linda Ketner on WTMA and heard Henry Brown on the drive in to work.

I thought Ketner did a good job, though it was certainly the wrong crowd to stumble over an immigration question. That said, she didn't mutter through a vague answer (like Sarah Palin) and it was commendable to be honest on an issue like offshore drilling. I think the arguments from Republicans of "flip-flopping" are about as silly as the complaints that she doesn't have "Democrat" in big bold letters on her campaign signs — it's a waste of air.

For Brown, the squirming on the bailout bill was particularly uncomfortable, but his worst comment was the suggestion that Linda Ketner was using her "daddies money" to fund misleading ads. That kind of condescending remark is why he's struggling to keep his seat.

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