McLeod to Barrett: Take that letter and shove it



All 10 gubernatorial candidates were on the stage and, I don't know what happened between Democrat Mullins McLeod and Republican Gresham Barrett, but it must have been good.

Yesterday, Barrett called on all of the gubernatorial candidates to sign a petition opposing the relocation of suspected terrorists from Guantanamo to American soil, and particularly the Charleston Navy Brig.

McLeod responded this morning and, if this is the tone we're setting for the next year, buckle up.

With all due respect, I’d request that you take your letter and shove it.

In times of war, our duty as Americans is to pull together and do our part to secure victory.

No one wants suspected terrorists on our soil while they await their richly-deserved punishment. But
when the President asks us to do our part in the international war on terrorism, the only appropriate
response from this or any state’s Governor is “Yes Sir, Mr. President.”

Frankly, I am surprised that you would choose to play politics rather than support our war effort.

Barrett spokesman B.J. Boling says McLeod was more interested in rhetoric than reality.

"The reality is that should President Obama choose to transfer known terrorists to our state, our citizens will become even more of a target for terrorism. That is simply unacceptable," Boling says.

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