Larry Grooms out: Winners and losers


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State Sen. Larry Grooms has ended his run for governor. He's weighing a run for Congress to represent the 1st District. Here's a brief list of the winners and losers in the Grooms announcement:

André Bauer — Before he was known for his fiscal conservative platform, Grooms was a social conservative leader. Some of those folks may have ignored Mike Huckagee's endorsement of Bauer, but they'll take another look now that Grooms is out.

Nikki Haley — Bauer may pick up some of the fiscal conservatives, too, but Haley is sure to pick up a few with her constant push for S.C. spending reform.

Debate audiences — Less is more, people.

Tea Party — Grooms was the "Tea Party Guy," and he earned it. Losing Grooms is another indication that the Tea Party can't carry the GOP's water on its own.

Democrats — The Dems now have a deeper field than the GOP. That's not a good thing, particularly when so many of the candidates are unknown statewide.

The Lowcountry — We'll probably get more attention in the campaign, but take a look at the rest of the GOP field — nobody from Charleston (except for Bauer, but he moved). That's not to say that Mark Sanford has done us any favors, but at least he wasn't partial to another part of the state. Argentina, perhaps, but not another part of the state.


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