Bowens Island's Robert Barber enters comptroller general race


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Lots of late-breaking campaign filing news, but the biggest may be that Bowen's Island Restaurant's Robert Barber has entered the state comptroller general race.

Barber, a Democrat, was narrowly defeated by André Bauer in the 2006 lieutenant governors race. He was seen as a strong Dem candidate for a statewide race, but held his cards close until a surprise filing this morning.

Barber is expected to face Incumbent Richard Eckstrom, a Republican, in November. Barber is already on offense, laying out his argument against another Eckstrom term.

"He calls himself a fiscal watchdog, but he has kept the state’s checkbook for the last eight years, overseeing wasteful spending and fiscal irresponsibility,' Barber says. "His job is to protect taxpayer money, but I don’t know many taxpayers who believe their money has been protected over the last eight years."


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