Greens growing on November ballot



James Island resident Eugene Platt announced his third-party candidacy for the state House District 115 months ago. But the Green Party will have more names on the ballot.

Environmental watchdog Tom Clements will run for U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint's seat. Former football player and business owner Morgan Reeves is running for governor. The statewide ticket will also include Leslie Minerd as a candidate for attorney general and Doretha Bull for education superintendent.

Particularly of note for the Lowcountry: Robert Dobbs, who weeks ago was planning a Democratic primary campaign abandoned that effort and has chosen a safer route to the November ballot. He's now running as a Green.

Platt says the increased presence on the ballot will help the small party get a better foothold in South Carolina. He also says he's seen a growing frustration with both major political parties.

"I believe the 2010 election cycle offers historic opportunities for third party and independent candidates," Platt says.

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