Gubernatorial quitter Palin endorsing Nikki Haley



We have noted the grassroots national support that state Rep. Nikki Haley has received for her gubernatorial campaign (though she can't seem to find it in the state). Well, grassroots, no more. After previously locking in former Gov. Mitt Romney's endorsement, Haley now has the endorsement of none other than conservative darling Sarah Palin.

What's that you say? "No way, Greg. If there is one former governor who shouldn't be endorsing anyone, it's Sarah Palin. She left. Quit. Decided the job was cramping her big-dollar aspirations and her dream of a reality television show."

To which, I respond. "Well, Eliot Spitzer has not said who he's supporting."

It should also be noted that Gov. Mark Sanford gave a soft endorsement for Haley's campaign last June, prior to his own summer scandal. But, hey, he's finishing his term.

Palin will be flying in tomorrow evening to give her endorsement in Columbia.

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