McMaster behind frontrunner, whoever that may be



Any endorsement from a primary opponent in a particularly rough election is going to come off as halfhearted and forced, but the Haley endorsement from Attorney General Henry McMaster reads like a man desperate to stay in the pace car.

From the tweets of The State's John O'Connor:

McMaster: Opportunity to be leader in country in the conservative cause.

McMaster: It became obvious she shared my vision. Tuesday was a "remarkable" election.

McMaster: I'm endorsing her because time has come to put SC and all her interests ahead of personal interests.

McMaster: Process of unification for fall election begins now.

Anyone following these races would likely be hard to find an ounce of daylight between McMaster's campaign and that of Haley's primary opponent, Gresham Barrett.

Barrett's response this morning in Charleston: "I would hope that all of his supporters would look at the issues and look at the candidates."

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