GOP Primary: Eh, as if we have to tell you



After an exciting two weeks of fierce infighting, the results weren't much different than anyone expected.

With little in the way of surprises, the big news tonight is that Congressman Henry Brown is getting what he had first said he wanted: retirement. Brown had announced in early January that he was leaving Congress to spend his golden years at home. A few weeks later, he announced that he'd run for Berkeley County supervisor against close friend and incumbent Dan Davis. It was the slimmest of races on Primary Day, but Davis expanded his lead against Brown by some 1,800 votes in the runoff.

If anything, the only other surprises came in just how well the winners did. There was some hope among Democrats that they would be able to point to the results and claim that you've got a party divided. In the biggest races, that's wasn't the case.

State Rep. Tim Scott easily beat Charleston County Councilman Paul Thurmond. Scott had a lot of cash from outside of the district to play with, but he won't need much of it in the general election.

The national media painted this race as one between the Thurmond name and a black man, but there really wasn't much difference between these two candidates, short of Scott's promise that federal dollars won't be spent in the 1st District unless we earn it. Yeah. He won.

State Rep. Nikki Haley won the GOP gubernatorial nomination, but her general election race is sure to be much more competitive, considering lingering affair claims and last-minute revelations that she was getting paid by a state engineering firm for her insider knowledge as a legislator. She's also proven the ability to turn off people in her own party, much like her new bff, Sarah Palin.

With the narrowest statewide lead in the GOP primary, Attorney General candidate Alan Wilson even found more than enough support to claim a solid victory against Boeing lawyer Leighton Lord.

Other GOP nominees likely to win: Ken Ard for lieutenant governor, Jim Pratt for the 6th Congressional District, and Mick Zais for education superintendent.

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