Ketner dashes hopes for independent run



Linda Ketner announced earlier today that she would not seek a run for the U.S. Senate as a petition candidate. Events have been held for the last three weeks to collect the 10,000 signatures necessary to get her name on the ballot. But Ketner bowed to the reality that this would be a tough campaign in such little time.

During the weeks since the Petition Initiative was presented to me, I have exhaustively considered all the ways that we might mount a similarly strong campaign in the short 3 1/2 months left to us. Sadly, I have concluded that at this late date, it's just not possible to assemble the team and resources we need to mount the effective campaign we all want.

Bottom line:   yes, we deserve - and desperately need - better government, but a last minute campaign without essential resources won't get us that outcome.  

She went on to thank those involved in the signature drive and to leave the door open for a future political campaign.

At a time when people talk endlessly and seldom take action to right a political system that no longer operates in the best interest of the American people, you took action.
Our country needs you, our state needs you, to keep working for a more agile,  more focused government led by elected representatives who are motivated to put Americans first, smart enough to find solutions, and who are not courtesans to special interests. 

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