Bless Their Hearts: Winning another race to the bottom



• Our fair state has found its way to the bottom of yet another list: entrepreneurship index rankings. Last week, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln released a report (PDF) that put South Carolina in dead last, with negative growth in employer establishments and just 0.142 patents per 1,000 residents.

• Attorney General Alan Wilson continues to refuse to release documents related to the value of deceased singer James Brown's estate. An affidavit filed last Thursday alleges that Wilson is covering up wrongdoing by former A.G. Henry McMaster. What Freedom of Information Act?

• The anonymous satirical Twitter account @SCLegislator has been zinging 'em lately. Here's one from last week:


• Yes, our state catches a lot of flack from the "mainstream media." Look on the bright side, though: At least we're not these guys.

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