Bless Their Hearts: #40dollars and a Mayoral Fashion Statement

Also: A snarky lede and a battle of twits



MAYORAL FASHION DEPT.: At a CARTA board meeting last Wednesday, Charleston Mayor Joseph P. Riley Jr. took note of Mt. Pleasant Mayor Billy Swails’ attire: “I knew something special must’ve been going on when I looked around back there and saw my colleague Mr. Swails was wearing socks.”

SNARKY LEDE DEPT.: The sarcasm was palpable last Thursday when Post and Courier reporter Renee Dudley started an article with the following sentence: "Gov. Nikki Haley has decided all of her emails actually are part of the public record." If you've been following along, you know that Dudley and the governor have been engaged in one of the more entertaining and important public spats of the year.

BATTLE OF TWITS DEPT.: President Barack Obama has been putting the Twitter screws on House Republicans to pass a two-month extension of the payroll tax cut holiday. His method? He’s asking people to tweet what they can buy with $40, the estimated tax break that a typical worker is getting in a two-week pay period. As expected, the illuminated minds of the Twittersphere (please shoot me if I ever use that word again) took it as an opportunity to make some hashtag-laden jokes and barely-clever Nobama jabs. Some favorites:





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