James Island properties up for annexation

On the Agenda: Charleston City Council, Jan. 24



Here are the highlights from the agenda for today's Charleston City Council meeting, which will be at 5 p.m. at City Hall (80 Broad St.). The council usually meets every other Tuesday. As always, there will be time for public comments. You can read the full agenda here.

• Public hearings about properties that the city annexed from James Island in November. Most are being rezoned for General Business or Single-Family Residential. Several other properties are coming one step closer to being annexed into Charleston.

• An update from Laurie Yarbrough, the director of recreation.

• Presentation of the Harold Koon Award, which, according to the city website, is "presented annually by the Mayor to a resident who has demonstrated continuous and outstanding volunteer service" in his or her neighborhood.

• Voting to establish the License Committee as a standing committee. This group reviews the city's business license ordinances every year, and it hears grievances involving the granting or denial of business licenses and peddlers' permits. It consists of five council members and the mayor.


If you go, bear in mind the City Council rules of order and procedure:

• No person speaking at a City Council meeting shall use "any profane, abusive, or obscene language nor any fighting words." If you break this rule, the mayor can have you thrown out of the meeting.

• City Council members have something like the mythical professor-showed-up-late-so-class-was-canceled rule: If a quorum of the Council does not arrive by 15 minutes after the meeting's scheduled start, everyone is allowed to go home.

• Council members have to pay a $5 fine if they leave a meeting early without permission from the mayor, $15 if their leaving causes a suspension of business. They also must address the mayor as "Mr. Mayor," and they face a $10 fine for using profanity.

• Council members may not speak more than once on the same topic until everyone else who wants to say something has spoken. Nobody can speak for more than 15 minutes at once.

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