David Lee Nelson is...(insert status here)



I'm so sick of status updates in facebook.

Rachel is bored.

Rachel is watching TV.

Rachel is going to sleep.

Rachel is painting her toe nails.

Rachel is looking in the fridge for something to eat but she can't find anything so she might go to the grocery store but that makes her angry because she was just there yesterday and gas is so expensive now she really wants pizza but that would under mind all the work she's been doing at the gym. Oh wait, her mother just called. Got to take it. She's called me four times today and haven't answered and she's such a worrier. Hi Mom, oh nothing, i'm giving a status update on Facebook.

And some of the stuff people are telling us they're doing is way too personal. I saw this one:

Britney is getting a cyst removed from her eye.

So that means that while the doctor is performing surgery... on your face... you've pulled out your iphone and proceeded to tell your 243 friends about it.

And wall posts. Wall posts are email conversations that everyone can see. Nothing makes me angrier. I know married people who leave their spouses wall posts. Why don't you just go to the kitchen and tell them yourself. And sometimes it's like, “sorry about last night.” Oh good now I know you're fighting. And apparently telling everyone.

This all stems from our desires to be famous. And if we can't be movie stars and have the paparazzi following our every move, or if we can't be on The Real World, then we'll shine the light on ourselves, every chance we get.

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