David Lee Nelson is...Picking Obama's Running Mate



Barack Obama is about to announce to the world his running mate.  All his selections are middle aged, white males.   And that is a huge mistake.As the first African American president Mr. Obama is going to have a huge target on his back.  He's going to more protection then an Israeli walking through Baghdad.  And he's going to pick Joe Biden?  Or the Governor of Virginia.  Are you kidding me?  He has got to pick the thuggiest black person available.  Someone he can look at the rest of the world and say "You wanna kill me?  Look what's next bitches."   He needs to pick someone that makes him look whiter then a Robert Frost poem.  Someone like…Condoleezza Rice.  I’m going on record and say Barack Obama should pick Condoleezza Rice as his running mate.  Ms. Rice would win over conservatives sitting on the fence, make up for his weakness in foreign policy, and make any would be assassin stop dead in his tracks. "He might be a black man in the White House, but it least he's not a woman.  She ain't married or nuthin' either, and she likes football, I'm pretty sure she's one of them there lesbos.  And that is one thing my daddy never would a stood for, a black, gay, football lovin' woman as the prez.  Come on Jim Bob, my Minutemen post starts in half an hour, I gotta get drunk."  So please Mr. Obama, this is one of the first big decisions you’ll have to make on your road to the Presidency.  If you’re not shrewd enough to watch your own back, how can you lead us in this dangerous world?  Obama/Rice 2008!  

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