Jesus on the History Channel



Being an actor or a comedian can be a very depressing thing.

Flipping through cable the other day I saw a documentary on Crucifixions. It was on the History Channel and I thought who in the hell watches this?

So half way through the show they had a reenactment of Jesus walking through the streets carrying his Cross. This is the lowest of the low in the entertainment business. I would rather wait tables the rest of my life be Nostradamus writing with a quill- with a smoke machine blowing smoke in my face. I'd rather never tell another joke the rest of my life if it meant having to portray Thomas Jefferson in a documentary on the singing of the Declaration of Independence.

And the guy playing Jesus was thin. Super thin. Like Emile Hirsch in Into the Wild thin. He was Method Acting thin. And then I got very sad. This guy was Method Acting his History Channel reenactor gig. He will never be able to live that down. Any job he takes there is going to be some guy in the IT section who finds the video of him playing Jesus on You Tube and shows the rest of the office. He can't even say he was suffering for his art - no one would call that art. He's not going to win an Academy Award for that.

He was suffering for his skit. God that is depressing.

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