The Curse of the Chicago Cubs


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Curse: the expression of a wish that misfortune, evil, doom, etc., befall a person, group, etc.

"You wrong me every way; you wrong me"

-Julius Caesar

If you watched the Cubs vs. Dodgers last night, and don't think there is a Curse on the Chicago Cubs, you are probably one of the 23% of the population who still supports President Bush.

Don't think there is a curse? Four errors on a night that Carlos Zambrano is pitching really really well. One from each of your infielders! Our catcher, Geovany Soto tried throwing the ball to back to the pitcher, rolls it half way there. It was as Stephen Hawking had thrown the ball to the mound.

Jim Edmunds hits 2 shots right against the wall, they don't go out of the ball park, meanwhile Manny Ramierez hits one of the longest home runs I've ever seen in Wrigley Field.

Game One Ryan Dempster, 17 game winner, walks 7 batters.

There is a curse alright, but it isn't on the players. They're all mercenaries (beside Kerry Wood, a life long Cub with immense promise who has had a career riddled with injuries) . They don't care if they are playing for the Dodgers or the Cubs or the Kansas City Royals. You think Fukodome believes in a curse? You think Alfonso Soriano cares that a black cat ran across Wrigley Field in 1969, which led directly to the Cubs collapsing to the Mets? No. We're more upset about this then the players are. They lose the series, they're going to Cabo for a month to count their millions. I'm going to be the one sitting in the crammed subway, freezing my ass off, Googling the exorcism of Billy Goats.

After every strike out, every inning gone by with out us scoring last night, I was yelling at the television- demanding the people in the stand to charge the field- start leaving in droves, throw things at the players, tear them limb from limb. This is not the thinking of a rational man.

It's the fans who are cursed. It's the people who paint their faces and spend 1/2 of their money for playoff tickets who are cursed. Athletes talk all the time about feeding off the energy of the crowd- well the Cubs players are choking on the energy of our hatred. Every time the Cubs make the playoffs the fans turn from this friendly, lovable lot, into manic depressives on the brink of suicide. We are a group of people who are convinced that we do not deserve love or happiness.  That is the Curse of the Chicago Cubs.

Cassius said in Julius Caeser "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves that we are underlings." And until the entire Cubs nation lets go of this curse, once and for all, we will be condemned to a live of misery, just be peeping about, finding ourselves dishonorable graves.


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