Bye Bye Football



Yesterday was one of the darkest days of the year.  It was a day of uncertainty.  It was a harbinger of harder months ahead.  For yesterday, January 25, was the first Sunday in four and a half months, with no football.

The horror of those words is difficult to comprehend for a non-football fan.  Just imagine your best friend has been in town since the fall, and now he's dead.  Until next September.

No football isn't only going to effect our Sundays.   We had Monday night football as well.  Then Tuesday and Wednesday we spent re-hashing the games.  Then came Thursday and we had to start previewing the upcoming weekend's battles.  Friday we had to make our predictions, Saturday watch College Football, and then Sunday watching the real thing.  It was our entire lives, and now it is gone.  Until next September.

Sure there is the Super Bowl this weekend, but that's not for us, the die hard fan.  The Super Bowl is just the going away party.  And just like real going away parties where the guest of honor has to say goodbye to lots of people while the real friends just hang to the side, so will we be in the back of the room, trying to catch the last glimpses of the game in between the fake friends and the commercials.  One last play action pass.  One last Cover 3.  Until next September.

The bars will be a little quieter, the TV a little softer.  Our women might think they have us back, and they do, in body...but our hearts will be elsewhere.  Painted in the color of what ever team you root for, in a box, put away.  Until next September.

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