The horror of a McCain presidency


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Writes Leon Hadar of the Cato Institute:

"For those of us who opposed the Iraq War and W’s foreign policy—and for opponents of Big Government, in general—all of this [the coming McCain GOP nomination] is VERY BAD news.

Bush is basically a lazy person with little interest in global affairs and all his warmongering was all about winning elections, not about fighting wars. He really doesn’t like sitting late at night in the Situation Room ‘managing’ a global crisis. He prefers to go to bed (to sleep).

But McCain LOVES all of that. Another Cuban-Missile-Crisis-like atmosphere in the White House where he could play the War President. It’s a form of Viagra for this mummy-like creature. It could keep him alive and kicking for eight more years during which the Warfare State will run amok, including the … reinstatement of the draft. Sometime in 2010 we’ll have no choice but to admit that we are really starting to miss W.”



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